Dried Black Mission Fig

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Black mission figs are the highest quality of fig grown in North America. Use them dried in salads, cereals and muffin batters, or consider re-hydrating them for a classic Italian cooking filling.

Mission black figs are considered to be the highest quality of fig that can be grown in Northern America. In their fresh form, they can be somewhat of a challenge to get your hands on; this is why figs are such a popular candidate for drying.

Dried Black Mission figs are delicious and juicy, with all the flavors and nutritional benefits of straight of the vine figs, preserved by the drying process. Dried figs are very versatile and can add a lot of unexpected flavor if you use them in place of a more predictable dried fruit. Chop them small and add them to hot or cold cereal, salads and rice dishes or risotto. Dried figs are also a great sweet ingredient, with loads of natural sugar bursting through the skin. Chop them up and add them to muffin or bread mixes, or re-hydrate them, add liquor, sugar or spice and use them for a delicious cookie or tart filling. 

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