Dried Banana Chips

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These dried banana chips are perfect for a snack or for baking with. Add them to muffin and bread batters, paired with flavors like walnuts or white chocolate for a delicious combination.

Dried fruits are incredibly versatile; they maintain strong flavors and valuable nutrients with the added benefit of an almost indefinite shelf life. These banana chips are crisp on the outside and slightly softer, but dry on the inside.

The ‘chips’ make a healthy anytime snack and are a great addition to trail mixes. For a more decadent treat, try enrobing these little chips in dark chocolate, or just dip one half to make them a little easier to handle. Roughly chopped banana chips can be incorporated into cakes and cookies, working especially well with flavors like walnuts and white chocolate.

Pulverize some banana chips and use them in a crumbly pie topping for some extra fruity flavor and a completely unique texture. For an extra special garnish on your banana flavored ice cream, sorbet and mousse desserts, a banana chip is the perfect nod to  

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