Dried Apricot

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Apricots are a petite and delicious stone fruit with a soft skin and flesh that make them very tasty. The flavors respond well to being dried and intensify. Perfect for salads and rice dishes.

Apricots are small stone fruits, common in most regions during warmer weather. If you can’t get them fresh, these fruits happen to be an ideal candidate for drying. The fruity sweetness of the apricots is concentrated and intensified with out becoming overpowering. The texture goes from soft and tender to still tender but slightly chewy.

Dried apricots are a lovely snacking fruit and go well in a trail mix or bagged lunch. If you are putting together a cheese tray, definitely consider adding halved dried apricots to the mix for a sweet little accent. If you are looking for a more refined serving style, try a dollop of teleggio cheese and a drop of spicy Chile oil on a dried apricot base. The fruity creamy and spicy flavors play well together.

Dried apricots also make a great addition to rice dishes and risottos. Their chewy texture softens and they begin to re-hydrate in the liquid from the dish, making them an interesting little nugget of flavor to stumble upon while you’re eating. 

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