Dolce De Tomate - tomato Jam

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Dolce De Tomate is a sweet jam made from sugar and the fruit of fresh vine ripened tomatoes. This jam is excellent spread on toast with butter, or as part of a sweet or savory cheese platter.

By definition, tomatoes are a fruit, although its savory applications usually cast a shadow over this truth. But in all honesty, sometimes there is nothing sweeter than a ripe tomato on a summer’s day, with hints of tartness and zing. So, it would only seem natural that tomatoes could be used in a sweet dish. Although dishes like this are rare, when they are good, they are so good. Dolce De Tomate is an Argentinean sweet jam made simply from the tomato fruit and sugar.

This jam is excellent spread on toast and is known as a childhood comfort food for many Argentineans. Tomato Jam is also a startling and exciting addition to a cheese platter, as the sweetness provides balance but is not overpowering. If you are looking for a wine pairing, a dry Persecco would be perfect with this sweet spread, which you can be assured, is nothing like tomato sauce. 

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