Coconut Fruit Puree

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Coconuts are hard to break open, especially when you are in need of a large quantity. Our coconut puree is made from the ripest and freshest coconut meat and is perfect for use in sorbets, sauces and frozen cocktails.

Coconuts are a daunting fruit to take apart yourself. Their hard shell is worth the trouble once you get to the meaty interior and delicious juice, but to break apart more than one becomes an unsavory chore. Our frozen coconut puree is harvested from perfectly ripe and juicy coconuts when their flavors have peaked.

Use this coconut puree for countless culinary preparations, sweet or savory options are both endless. It’s perfect for making sorbets and frozen desserts, or try using it as a substitute for some of the liquid fat in a cake recipe. The result will be lower calorie and more flavorful. For a savory preparation, coconut marinades and sauces are great for fish and chicken dishes. Since it has a fruity but not too sweet flavor, it would also make a lovely addition to sauces and salad dressings.

Behind the bar, this coconut puree is the secret weapon to making perfect and flavorful frozen cocktails. 

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