Chicken Apple Sausage with Apple and Calvados by Les Trois Petits Cochons

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Les Trois Petits Cochons, or Three Little Pigs is a small, New York based charcuterie that took a lesson from its name sake and instead of building its house of hay or stick, instead opted to build its house and reputation on the classic styles and flavors of French cuisine. Their attention to detail and tradition has paid off as they have been in business since 1975, only expanding and becoming more popular over that time. One especially popular variety of charcuterie has always been sausage making, dating back to almost the dawn of the culinary arts. The concept of filling a natural and edible casing with a mixture of meat and fats and seasoning is truly genius when you take a moment to consider its simplicity. But now that we have advanced far enough past the process of creating sausages, we have all the time in the world to elevate their flavor and texture. This particular variety is mainly comprised of ground spiced chicken, which results in a slightly softer texture cooked and a beautiful browned coating. The tender chicken is speckled with pieces of tart and sweet apples that soften during cooking but still retain a bit of their bite. The meat has been flavored with a dash of Calvados that attributes to the flavor but also to the wonderful aroma that will fill the air as your sausages cook. If you are looking for a beverage pairing, nothing goes with sausage like an ice cold beer, but if you prefer wine, anything with out too much sweetness would be a wonderful compliment.

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