Cerignola Green Olives

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Cerignola olives are a product of Italy; they are a very attractive variety of green olives. They get their green color because they have been picked before being allowed to fully ripen and then immediately submerged in their brine to be preserved.

Cerignola Olives are considered to be the mildest flavored olives, despite being preserved in brine; they don’t pack the same vinegary punch as most cured olives do. Instead, they are light and fruity with hints of salty deliciousness. They have an excellent texture, thick and meaty, as green olives usually do.

Cerignola olives are a wonderful addition to a cheese tray, especially if your platter includes goat cheese. These two ingredients make an excellent pairing of creamy and salty, rich and fruity flavor.

To cook with Cerignola olives use them along side other Italian flavors, like in rustic pasta dishes with eggplant and capers. If you cook olives too long, they become bitter, so add your olives just before you are ready to serve the dish. 

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