Caribbean Jerk Sauce

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This spicy Jamaican Scotch Bonnet sauce packs a lot of powerful heat and great flavor. Hot chili pepper enthusiasts know that in order to understand a pepper, you need to know its Scoville rating. The Scoville scalemeasures the heat and power of the capsaicin in any given pepper. A bell pepper rates at 0. A scotch bonnet rates from between 100,000–350,000. Now that this sweetly names pepper has your full attention and respect, go ahead and bathe your meat and chicken in this fiery concoction.

Marinating your proteins and hearty vegetables allows you to improve your food in several ways. One, you’re of course infusing your ingredients with lots of wonderful flavors. Two, any acidity in the marinade tenderizes your meats and proteins by starting to break down some of the tougher fibers. And three, you’re giving your ingredients lots of great moisture to soak up; moisture that won’t be lost during the cooking process.

Please remember that our marinades are perishable and should be refrigerated after opening. 

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