Caramelized Walnut

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Walnuts are sweet and delicious on their own, but when rubbed in sugar and roasted on low and slow heat, all of their complexities come out and the flavor is intensified. Add them to salads, ice cream or cheese trays.

Our caramelized walnuts are made from only the best ingredients, starting off with rich and meaty walnuts. The nuts are tossed in a blend of sugars and spices and then roasted on low heat for a long period of time. As the walnuts warm, they release their savory oils and the sugar clings to their surface.

These candied walnuts are the perfect addition to any number of dishes and presentations. They go great in a salad with creamy goat cheese and leafy green spinach. Use them to top ice cream sundaes for an unexpected amount of crunch and satisfying sweetness. Add a handful to a bagged lunch or a trail mix for an extra jolt of energy and protein in the middle of the day. They also make a lovely addition to a sweet after dinner cheese platter. Pair them with a softer, almost runny cheese with a buttery flavor for a wonderful parfait like texture combination. 

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