Calamata Olive Tapenade

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A tapenade is a fairly common olive based dip or spread. In this case we’ve elevated a cocktail party classic to a whole new level of quality and freshness, as well as versatility. We’ve combined beautiful Calamata Olives with olive oil and lots of flavorful imported herbs and spices. The simplicity of this concoction is striking, but it serves as a wonderful reminder that delicious doesn’t mean complicated, it just means delicious. Use it as a marinade or plating sauce for lighter proteins like chicken or fish, or stir it into pastas at the last minute for lots of wonderful flavor.

Marinating your proteins and hearty vegetables allows you to improve your food in several ways. One, you’re of course infusing your ingredients with lots of wonderful flavors. Two, any acidity in the marinade tenderizes your meats and proteins by starting to break down some of the tougher fibers. And three, you’re giving your ingredients lots of great moisture to soak up; moisture that won’t be lost during the cooking process.

Please remember that our marinades are perishable and should be refrigerated after opening. 

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