Buckwheat Soba Noodle

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Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour and are the most popular noodle in Japanese cuisine. They can be eaten hot as part of a stir fry or soup, or cold as a pasta salad with chopped vegetables.

Soba, or Buckwheat noodles are the most popular noodles used is Japanese cooking. They are a versatile food in Japan and can be found in fast food type restaurants, as street food, in specialty gourmet restaurants, and even in dried form to be prepared at home.

Buckwheat noodles can be prepared as part of a hot or cold dish, either in a broth or with a dipping sauce. The tradition of enjoying Soba noodles is an amusing one; it has been considered not only acceptable, but customary to loudly slurp Soba noodles out of your bowl with the help of your chopsticks. The slurping action is thought to help cool down the noodles before their reach your mouth.

When cooking with your Soba noodles, don’t be afraid to experiment. Create a cold soba salad with thin slices of assorted raw vegetables and a Japanese flavor inspired dressing. If you prepare the noodles warm, the texture changes and you will have

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