Blackcurrant Fruit Puree

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Blackcurrants can be hard to come by, even during their peak of seasonality. Our blackcurrant puree locks in all of the fruity flavor and the beautiful purple color for use in sorbets, sauces and cocktails.

Blackcurrants are small dark purple berries that although were once popular in North America, have been becoming increasingly more rare. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get our hands on blackcurrants during colder months, they are becoming hard to find even during the summer.

Our black currant puree is made from only the freshest and juiciest summer berries that have been pureed and frozen to preserve their vibrant color, their sweet and tangy flavor and their vitamins and nutritional values.

This blackcurrant puree is a great ingredient and is very versatile in the kitchen. Use it to make home made jams and jellies any time of year, or make ice creams and sorbets that will definitely get noticed for their vibrant purple color and delicious be Blackcurrant puree is versatile enough to also be included in savory preparations like salad dressings and sweet marinades, as well as be used behind the bar in frozen fruity cocktails. 

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