Crimini Mushroom with sausage

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In order to enjoy hosting a wonderful party, it’s only natural to depend on a few pre-made treats to make the night go smoothly. These stuffed crimini mushrooms are a perfect way to keep your guests happy and keep your time in the kitchen to a limit.

Crimini mushrooms are a close relative to the familiar white button mushroom, but are more mature. This gives them a firmer meatier texture and more depth of flavor. They are often marketed as baby Portobello’s. Our tender and meaty Criminis are rubbed with olive oil and filled with a mixture of Italian sausage, tomato sauce, garlic, onions and spices, then top them with a blend of Romano cheese and paprika.

Before serving, allow these stuffed mushrooms to thaw in your refrigerator until the filling is tender to the touch. Then bake them off in the oven at 350F degrees until the filling is golden brown and the skin of the mushrooms has puckered just slightly.

These little treats are great served as an appetizer, but also make a beautiful side dish as part of the main course. 

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