Arbequina Olives

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Arbequina Olives are a Spanish breed of small dark olives. They are dark in their natural state on the trees, but they also get their dark color because they are allowed to ripen completely on the vine before they are brined. Arbequina Olives have a fruity flavor and a powerful sweet and fruity aroma.

Although Arbequina olives are usually served as table olives for snacking and cooking, they have a high percentage of fat and are mostly pressed and used for making olive oil.

They make an excellent addition to any cheese platter, especially if the tray includes other Spanish cheeses and ingredients to compliment the olives.

These olives would also be lovely in an appetizer or pasta dish. Just remember that if olives are heated too much they become bitter, this goes especially for these olives and their high fat content. To avoid any unpleasant flavors, add the olives to the

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