Coconut Chicken

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In order to enjoy hosting a wonderful party, it’s only natural to depend on a few pre-made treats to make the night go smoothly. These delicious pieces of coconut chicken are a perfect way to keep your guests happy, and keep your time in the kitchen to a limit.

Our coconut chicken starts off by marinating in a batter of sesame oil and spices. Then it is hand dipped in beautiful shreds of coconut and crispy Japanese bread crumbs.

Before serving, allow these pieces of chicken to thaw in your refrigerator until they are tender to the touch. Then drop them into a shallow sauté pan of oil, or for deep frying, a sauce pan of oil that has reached at least 350F degrees. If you are pan frying them, turn them once after a few minutes, gently so as not to damage the delicate crust. Cook the coconut chicken until the coating is golden brown and the meat inside is fully cooked. 

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