Apricot Fruit Puree

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Apricots picked at the peak of freshness, pureed and frozen for easy use at any time in a number of different applications. Use pureed apricots in sorbets, sauces and muffins, even in savory dishes.

Apricots are a delicate stone fruit, similar to peaches and plums with a distinctive flavor all their own. When they are readily available in your grocery store, it’s still a challenge to get them home with out bruising or damaging their soft flesh. We pick our apricots at the peak of their season, always ripe and fresh, and puree and freeze them, so the sweet and tangy flavor of apricots can be enjoyed year round in any region.

Apricot puree is a very versatile ingredient, despite it’s sweetness it is also a delicious addition to savory dishes. Incorporate a scoop into your rice or risotto dishes for a sweet and fruit flavor. Transform this puree into home made jellies and jams any time of year. Substitute the fats and sugars in dense muffins and cakes for this puree, your cake will take on a fruity flavor, a richer texture and a lighter more natural sweetness.


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