Amarena Cherries In Syrup

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Amarena cherries are an Italian specialty, dark and fleshy cherries preserved in a sweet syrup. Include the cherries in pies and tarts, reserving the syrup for pouring over pancakes or incorporating into special drinks.

Amarena cherries are an especially fleshy and dark specimen of fruit from Emilia-Romagna Italy. Their sweet and mildly bitter flavor makes them a popular ingredient in countless Italian recipes. The cherries are preserved in a thick and lusciously sweet syrup that clings to the fruit, but no worries, when the cherries are gone there will still be leftover syrup for crepes and pancakes.

In the meantime, use your cherries in tarts and pies or as a garnish for rich chocolate ice cream. Add a handful to a clafoutiand watch the pink syrup stain the dough for a beautiful effect and a flavor that permeates every bite.

A seasoned bartender would also greatly appreciate a jar of Amarena cherries behind their bar. A cherry in the bottom of champagne will tint your drink a lovely shade of pink and give the drink a bright sweet flavor. The syrup is also wonderful mixed with

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