Almond Smoked

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These almonds have been smoked over Hickory chips and are bursting with bright woodsy flavors. They can be used in either sweet or savory preparations or just out of a bowl by themselves. 

Almonds are an incredibly versatile nut and can be used in sweet or savory preparations, or even be enjoyed simply on their own. These almonds have been smoked over Hickory chips for a thick and meaty flavor.

Use these almonds for baking to infuse your creations with a completely unexpected flavor. Whether they are ground up into a tart shell or sprinkled over a linzer tart, their extra punch of smoke will make your dessert a one of a kind confection.

For a savory take on these nuts use them to crust fish or chicken, it will give your dish all of the delicious Hickory flavor of having a smoker in your backyard.

Not much needs to be done to these Hickory Smoked Almonds in order to enjoy them plain, but if you are looking to spice them up, try coating them in melted butter, brown sugar, salt and finely chopped rosemary and roasting them on low in the oven. The fla

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