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Sudachi is a small Japanese citrus plant prized for its acidic and peppery flavor. This Sudachi zest can be added to sweet or savory dishes; like sorbets, sauces, marinades and dry rubs.

Sudachi is a small green citrus fruit, not seen very often outside of Japan and Japanese cooking. Sudachi flavored products are very popular in Asia but the fruit itself is considered to be a delicacy and can be very expensive in parts of the country where Sudachi is not indigenous. Sudachi has a stronger citrus flavor then lemons or limes and the zest is bursting with that same bright flavor.

Sudachi is used to garnish drinks in Japan like limes are used in America, and the flavors of this fruit go very well with drinks, both alcoholic and no alcoholic. A sprinkling of Sudachi zest is a lovely accent over sorbets and ice creams.

Like other citrus fruits, Sudachi can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. The flavors of Sudachi work especially well with fish dishes, either as part of a marinade, dipping sauces, or sprinkled right over the fish before or after it’s cooked.&

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