All Natural Yuzu Fruit Puree Frozen

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Yuzu is a small Japanese citrus fruit that resembles a cross between a lemon and a mandarin. Use this puree for creating delicious sorbets, frozen cocktails, or sweet and acidic marinades.

Yuzu is a small Asian citrus fruit with flavors that resemble the tartness of lemons and the sourness of a mandarin. This fruit puree contains ninety percent all natural Yuzu and only ten percent sugar, just to make it a touch more palatable.

This Yuzu puree is invaluable for the cook who enjoys making unique and surprising sorbets, granitas and gelatos. This puree can also be folded into a rich mousse or soufflé for a plated dessert.

Yuzu’s acidic flavor means it’s able to make the jump between sweet and savory with out much help. Try adding some Yuzu puree to marinades or salad dressings when you’re looking to create something sweet, tart and exotic.

Keep a container of Yuzu puree behind your bar for creating the best and most interesting summer cocktails. Your drinks will never get watered down by melting ice, only infused with more and more delicious citrus flavor. 

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