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Molecular Gastronomy can be a daunting topic for even the most well versed and experienced chef. Luckily for all of the curious do-it-yourselfers out there, Molecule-R has created a line of products and tools that make all of the most wonderful properties of Kitchen Chemistry completely available to you in your own kitchen. Agar-agar is an alternative gelatin, derived from red algae so it is vegetarian, it can be used to form solid pearls, gel spaghetti, and jellies. These things do not sound like your typical culinary undertaking but in the world of molecular gastronomy, creating the weird and the wonderful is second nature. With Agar-agar you will be able to transform your favorite familiar ingredients into something that is completely foreign in both shape and texture. Agar-Agar is also a wonderful alternative to traditional gelatin for vegans. Gelatin is a prevalent ingredient in many pastries and being able to replace it with a vegan substitute can be invaluable to enjoying your animal-free diet.

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