8 Kobe Burgers

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Even in chopped meat form Mishima Ranch American Style Kobe-Wagyu beef is a superior product. The beef is a must have for any true burger enthusiast. A quality of beef this high ensures a top notch burger that will blow your guests away. the fat content alone promises a juicy and succulent burger, but add the amazing flavor that Mishima Ranch’s beef is know for and your back yard barbeque will be transformed into a five star dining experience.

Mishima Ranch is obsessed with the quality and consistency of their products. Their steaks outrank the other American Style Kobe-Wagyu distributors. The pronounced marbling against the dark red meat is beautiful raw and the bold flavor, bathed in its own melted fat is an eating experience of a life time. If the end product you wish to serve is a natural, tender, flavorful and consistent beef, you have found what you are looking for!  Products are shipped frozen.

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