Buffalo Chicken Spring Roll

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When you think of a spring roll your mind usually drifts to classic Asian inspired flavors and square white cartons of spicy salty goodness. However, the fusion phenomenon has taken the delicious and crispy vessel of the spring roll and filled it with the juicy and spicy textures and flavors of buffalo chicken wings.

These petite rolls have been filled with a combination of juicy chicken meat, prepared in spicy buffalo and butter sauce, mixed with blue cheese and mozzarella. All of the best parts of classic Buffalo wings are captured in this neat little delivery system for all of the flavor with none of the mess.

Before serving, thaw your spring rolls in the refrigerator  until tender, and then fry them for a few minutes until the crust is golden brown and the cheese inside is meted and oozing into every bite. You’re guests will love the surprising spicy kick they get when the bite into one of these little appetizers. 

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