Blue Crab Claw Cake

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For entertaining in a hurry, our Blue Crab Claw Cakes will be sure to impress even the most particular crowd. These cakes are made from a delicious combination of blue crab claw meat, mayonnaise, herbs and spices, onions, and green and red peppers.

The claw meat of the blue crab is darker in color than the rest of the crab meat but it is the most intensely flavored. You’ll be able to taste beautiful crab in each bite.

One of our blue crab claw cakes make a beautiful appetizer served over a small green salad with a slice of creamy avocado and fresh tomatoes on top. Or, fan two or three together on a plate and pair with a creamy rice or pasta dish for a refined interpretation of a classic comfort food.

You have the option of either pan frying or deep frying our crab cakes, either way, you’ll get a beautiful golden crispy crust to encase your tender juicy crab meat. 

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