Gluten Free - Spaghetti Pasta by Schar

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When you are coping with a gluten free lifestyle, its easy to find yourself missing out on the culinary simplicities that the digestionally unimpaired take for granted. Going without something as universal as pasta can be absolute torture, but luckily companies like Schar are dedicated to giving back a slice of normalcy to those of us who abstain for our own good. This gluten free Spaghetti pasta has a springy and tender texture, and its lack of gluten does not take away from the amount of fun you will have eating it. Schar uses a blend of other, gluten free starches like those found in corn and rice, along with a combination of other ingredients that mimic the texture and springiness of regular pasta noodles. So when you are looking to make the perfect nest for Mamas Famous Meatballs or perhaps you are trying to find something your picky eater will enjoy, turn to purveyors and artisans you can trust, not only with your health, but with your palate as well.

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