Gluten Free - Multigrain Bread by Schar

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When you are coping with a gluten free lifestyle, its easy to find yourself missing out on the culinary simplicities that the digestionally unimpaired take for granted. As the general censuses has slowly been shifting away from white bread and towards more interesting, multi grain breads, those who suffer from gluten intolerance may feel like they are on the outside looking in. However that is not the case at all; companies like Schar are dedicated to giving back a slice of normalcy to those of us who abstain for our own good. They use a blend of other, gluten free starches like those found in corn and rice, along with a combination of other ingredients that mimic the texture and springiness of regular bread. They also add in a handful of flavorful little touches like flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and a subtle apple flavor that create the perfect Hearty Grain texture and taste, without sabotaging your diet. Creating gluten free products in your own home is a tall task and its definitely a science that is best left to the professionals. So when you are craving a BLT or a slice of French toast, turn to purveyors and artisans you can trust, not only with your health, but with your palate as well.

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