Gluten Free - Italian Bread Sticks by Schar

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When you are coping with a gluten free lifestyle, its easy to find yourself missing out on the culinary simplicities that the digestionally unimpaired take for granted. To create these crunchy and crispy Italian Style Bread Sticks, the bakers at Schar use a combination of other, gluten free starches like those found in potatoes, corn and rice, along with a handful of other interesting ingredients that help capture the texture and flavor of gluten filled baked goods. These breadsticks are versatile and would go perfectly with your classic Italian Sunday dinner, or your pre dinner party cheese and olive platter. If you are feeling adventurous, lay some on a sheet pan and sprinkle them with dusting of shredded cheese and bake them for a few minutes, just until the cheese melts and sets. The fact that they are gluten free will quickly be lost on your guests when the aroma fills your kitchen and mouths begin to water.

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