Gluten Free - Chocolate Hazelnut Bars by Schar

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When you are coping with a gluten free lifestyle, it is easy to find yourself missing out on the culinary simplicities that the digestionally unimpaired take for granted. Something as simple as a cookie has the power to make days brighter and smiles bigger, so why should you not be able to indulge once in a while like everyone else. The wonderful people at Schar have combined the artistry behind pastry and the science of gluten free baking to create a line of sinfully delicious gluten free baked goods. These chocolate and hazelnut bars make a great afternoon pick me up or late night snack. Delicate wafer cookies are layered with hazelnut cream and the whole thing is dipped in chocolate. The bakers at Schar use a combination of other, gluten free starches like those found in potatoes and rice, along with a handful of other interesting ingredients that help capture the texture and flavor of gluten filled baked goods. Without gluten, you cannot have everything you want, but at least when you are craving a sweet treat, you will know you can turn to purveyors and artisans you can trust, not only with your health, but with your palate as well.

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