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When you are coping with a gluten free lifestyle, its easy to find yourself missing out on the culinary simplicities that the digestionally unimpaired take for granted. Even if you are satisfied sticking to naturally gluten free foods, some of the tastiest preparations contain the sneakiest form of gluten known to man, the crumb. Breadcrumbs make crusts crispier, fillings doughier and meatballs, well lets face it; breadcrumbs are the lifes blood of the meatball. Lucky for us, the wonderful people at Schar are detail oriented, and have created a solution using rice and corn flours. These breadcrumbs brown beautifully when used for frying and do a great job of keeping fillings moist. Although breadcrumbs may seem like a small thing, when it comes to your health, the little things add up. So when you are craving a juicy slice of meat loaf or some homemade crispy mozzarella sticks, turn to purveyors and artisans you can trust, not only with your health, but with your palate as well.

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