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When looking to put together an interesting vegetarian dish, people often make one of two mistakes about cheese. They either forget about it all together because it is an animal product, or, they include it all, because they believe it is meat free. The truth is, only a small percentage of what goes into cheese is unsafe for a vegetarian, and that is the rennet. Rennet is animal product, an enzyme, that coagulates the cheese curds and helps forms the cheese.

Today, we are able to substitute that small amount of animal rennet, and use vegetable rennet in its place. Vegetable rennet is a similar combination of enzymes and serves the same purpose, but they are harvested from a variety of plants instead of animals.

This package combines a variety of different kinds of cheeses, all meat free products, for any cheese eating purpose your little vegetarian heart could desire. 

3 assorted imported vegetarian cheeses from around the world, 8oz each total 1.5# cs Quickies English Cheddar (England, Aged Cows Milk), Cotswold (Eng ?????

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