Valrhona Extra Bittersweet Chocolate

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These extra bittersweet Valrhona disk are 61% percent chocolate. Their intense flavor makes them perfect for baking. They melt very well create a superior product every time.  

Valrhona Chocolate has the reputation of being some of the best confection in the world. To those in the know, the word Valrhona on any menu or name tag has the ability of elevating the expectation and experience of the diner.

The sweetness of chocolates are rated by their content of cocoa solids, milk chocolate containing the least amount of cocoa solids and the most milk and sugar, while the semi sweet and bitter sweet chocolates have more true chocolate content and less sweetener. This variety is extra bittersweet, meaning it pack a punch of all natural cocoa flavors.

Extra Bittersweet Valrhona chocolate is wonderful for baking with, and using for enrobing cakes or creating frostings. It melts well and has a luscious texture and flavor. For the die hard bittersweet fan, these small disks of chocolate also make a great

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