Valrhona Equatoriale Semisweet Chocolate

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These Semisweet Valrhona disk are 55.5% percent chocolate, made from cocoa beans grown in the Equatoriale Islands. These disks are perfect for baking, melting or just snacking and produce a superior product every time.

Valrhona Chocolate has the reputation of being some of the best confection in the world. To those in the know, the word Valrhona on any menu or name tag has the ability of elevating the expectation and experience of the diner.

Valrhona grows their cocoa beans in several different places to ensure that they will have a variety of flavors to offer their customers. However this Equatoriale Semisweet variety has a reputation of being a universally appealing dark chocolate. Its balance of bitter cocoa solids and sugars gives it a chocolate flavor that isn’t too intense, but still smells and tastes of the richness of cocoa nibs. 

Cooking with chocolate in its natural form like these disks is the best way to ensure that you will create a superior product. Chips contain stabilizers and other unnecessary ingredients. These disks, whether you use them in a frosting, a mousse or for ma  

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