Valrhona Cocoa Powder

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This 100% pure Valrhona cocoa powder is a superior baking ingredient and will help you create delicious desserts every time. Whether you use it as an ingredient or a garnish, it will fill your dishes with flavor. 

Valrhona Chocolate has the reputation of being some of the best confection in the world. To those in the know, the word Valrhona on any menu or name tag has the ability of elevating the expectation and experience of the diner. Valrhonas focus is solely on their chocolate, and because of this, they create a superior product every time.

Cocoa powder contains the true flavorful essence of the cocoa bean and is a perfect way to add a rich chocolate flavor to any recipe that doesn’t call for whole melted chocolate disks or bars. In a pinch, cocoa powder can be combined with butter or fats in a specific ratio to create a stand in for chocolate in nearly any recipe. Its versatility makes it a staple in any kitchen.

This cocoa powder is perfect for incorporating into baked goods, making decadent hot chocolate or as using as a flavorful decoration over tiramisu and other pastries. 

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