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Cheese made in Spain is a truly unique experience, that stands apart from any cheeses made else where in the world. Each individual piece of Spain is represented in their cheeses, the milk from the animals, the grass from the country side, and the dedication and work of the people. The four Spanish cheeses included in this arrangement cover a wide variety of history and styles, of flavors and textures.

Manchego is a famous sheep’s milk cheese from the La Mancha region. Manchego is where most minds go first when thinking of classic Spanish cheeses.

Drunken goat is an interesting addition to any celebration, as during its aging process, it spends between two and three days curing while submerged in Doble Pasta wine.

Valdeon Blue is ripened in limestone caves for between two and five months. The distinctive blue cheese tang is mouth watering and the deep blue veins that run through the paste are breathtaking. 

Mahon Riserva is a cows’s milk cheese that is aged for one year. Mahon is a yellow cheese that has a sweet nutty finish. 

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