Soft Ripened Assortment

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A soft ripened cheese, also sometimes called a bloomy rind cheese is covered in mold. This mold coaxes the cheese closest to the surface into aging first, permeating the core of the cheese slowly over time. Soft ripened cheeses are known for their duality of textures which make them exceptionally enjoyable to eat as part of a cheese platter.

The cheese closest to the rind becomes buttery, even runny on occasion, while the center of the cheese can remain chalky, clay like or dense.

The texture is not the only part of these cheeses that conflicts itself; the two layers of texture usually have their own unique flavor; rich buttery flavor concentrating closer to the edge and the center frequently being described as light and acidy, like fresh butter.

This arrangement puts together an array of some of the finest bloomy rind, soft ripened cheese, and perfect for any over achieving cheese lover, who likes to get two experiences out of each wedge. 

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