Raw Milk Assortment

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To be considered a raw milk cheese it must consist of unpasteurized and unhomogenized milk. Prior to the industrial revolution and the invention of pasteurization, raw milk was our only option.

Today, now that we have a choice between raw and pasteurized dairy products, the debate spans a wide range of arguments. Some say the health risks of consuming unpasturized milk out way the benefits of its unprocessed and more natural state. But that’s really of little importance. What matters to true cheese lovers is the flavor, and it is unquestionable that unpasturized dairy products contain the full flavor and richness intended of them because of their natural and authentic style of production.

This assortment offers the best of the best when it comes to raw milk cheeses. It’s a perfect gift for a raw food lover or for anyone who would like their dining experience to feature the natural flavors of cheese. 

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