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The pungent genre of cheese tends to be a love it or hate it type of selection. The pungent aroma has been known to draw in just as many people as it repulses. If you are a lover of a stinky washed rind cheese, or if you know someone who is, this arrangement will be sure to offer the best of what the pungent world has to offer.

Perhaps you have never had a pungent cheese but are interested in trying some, this package will definitely give you a wide variety and a strong introduction to a whole new world.

Enjoying a stinky cheese is all about appreciating the cheese making procedure that has caused the aroma, and then getting it past your nose and onto your taste buds for what is usually a truly surprising experience. If you are looking for wine pairings for your next stinky cheese party, or your pungent evening in, try a sweet and floral wine like a Riesling, a full bodied red, or even a beer. 

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