Hi-lo Chocolate French Petal

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Chefs frequently find themselves in a situation where their style of presentation is just as, if not more important then the actual food they are presenting. If you are hoping to make a lasting impression on your guests, these feathered chocolate cups are the perfect addition to any dessert.

These cups have a low rim in the front but build to a higher peak at the back. This makes their size is deceiving and you’ll be able to fit a surprising large payload of delicious mousse or crème inside. For a lighter dessert, fill them with fresh berries and top with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of fruity coulis.

The extra attention to detail on the part of the Varda Chocolatier will ensure that no matter who you are serving, friend, family or food critic, you’ll be giving your guests not only a superior product, but an unusually wonderful dining experience. 

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