Dark/white Chocolate Yin Yang Cup Set

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One of the most important qualities in a good dessert is balance. Balance of texture, of flavors, of sweetness and color; all of these aspects need thought and attention to make a dessert perfect. To help you achieve spatial as well as aesthetic balance, the chocolatiers at Varda have created a perfect tool.

These petite heart shaped cups, one made from white chocolate and one made from dark, fit together perfectly just like two haves of the Yin Yang would. These pieces are invaluable for the home chef with unlimited creativity; there are literally countless options for plating these pieces. Go for a classic Yin and Yang plating with a duet of mousses, one light and one dark. Or, only plate one of each, allowing guests to choose the light side or the dark side.

However you choose to utilize these little cups, you can be sure that the chocolatiers at Varda have armed you with the highest quality and tastiest Belgian Chocolate available; giving your homespun delights an edge that would let them blend seamlessly into a four star restaurant’s menu. 

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