Dark Chocolate Star Cup

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When first impressions count most, chocolate is always a safe decision. When you want to make a great impression, the chocolatiers at Varda have elevated their craft into artistry, creating superior products every time. These large chocolate cups have been molded into beautiful starburst. In a somewhat non traditional fashion, these stars stand up on their bottom two points and the opening is the space at the top. The cavity inside is just waiting to be filled with whatever treasures you think your guests will enjoy. The contents could be as simple as candied nuts and sugar snowflakes or as thought out as gourmet truffles and crystallized violets. Either way you’re guests will be delighted with your creativity and most of all, your resources.

When you take on the task of planning your own party, having access to a professional quality of products is invaluable. Especially when you are creating a party favor, the last impression your guests will remember of your event. As they head home with one of these beautifully made pieces, all they will remember is how well you pulled everything together. 

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