Dark Chocolate Lady's Hat

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Nothing comes in handy in the kitchen quite like a sense of whimsy, and these dark chocolate bonnets are perfect for expressing your creativity even when entertaining the most refined crowd.

The artists at Varda take their job of chocolate making to a whole new level by creating mini masterpieces, appealing in every way. Varda uses only the finest Belgian Chocolate in their molds and they never use artificial preservatives that could compromise the flavor or texture of the chocolate. Varda is also incredibly meticulous when it comes to the appearance of their products, exercising strict quality control to make sure that you get a dependably superior product each and every time.

These bonnets are a perfect parting gift for so many different occasions; they would be the perfect touch after a luncheon or bridal shower, or something as specific as a derby party. No matter when you give your guests these tokens, they will be sure to impress. 

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