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Dark and intense rolls of chocolate make an excellent decoration for a hot cup of espresso or a steaming hot chocolate. Try perching a few on a cake for an elegant touch.

Although the term cigarette might seem ominous, these innocuous little rolls are delicious and delicate and perfectly safe for consumption. Chocolate ‘cigarettes’ are made by scraping a thin metal tool across the length of a large block of chocolate. The chocolate curls and rolls in it, creating a thick spiral made up of dozens of thin layers.

These cigarettes are made from dark chocolate, and are perfect for countless festive serving styles. A few make a lovely garnish next to a cup of steaming hot chocolate and make for a more elegant choice than the traditional candy cane or cinnamon stick. Serve them with espresso and some light cookies for snacking.

These dark chocolate cigarettes are also perfect for the dramatic cake decorator. They look lovely placed atop a few stars of butter cream of whipped ganache, running the length of the cake.

Despite your best efforts to use these chocolate cigarettes as décor, we couldn’t blame you for letting a few sneak by for enjoying. 

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