Custom Wrapped Milk Chocolate Bar

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There is something refreshing about the simplicity of a chocolate bar. It tends to conjure images of childhood and its familiar taste and texture is always comforting. Our milk chocolate bars have all of that same familiarity that you would crave but by elevating the quality of ingredients and procedure, we’ve also elevated the quality of our product.

These chocolate bars are made by the chocolatiers from Varda, whose dedication to their craft has elevated them to the rank of artists in their field. They use only the finest ingredients when making these bars and their process ensures a superior texture and flavor every time.

These milk chocolate bars come with customizable wrappers so each bar can be made even more special with your personal message.

These bars are a perfect favor for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating a new baby or just wrapping up a business conference, any time is the perfect time for chocolate this good. 

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