Coconut Cup

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As important as delicious flavors are, nothing really wows a crowd like a first impression. Above all else, it’s creativity that that really keeps people talking. In this case, the creative juices that are flowing happen to be coconut flavored. These petite cups have been molded to look like broken halves of coconut shells and the use of two kinds of chocolate, dark and white make for a stunning appearance as well as a better balance of flavors.

The chocolate walls of these little cups are sturdy, but thin enough to be broken with a spoon and eaten as part of a plated dessert. Prop your coconut shells with a small dollop of coconut mousse and fill with more of the same or a combination of tropical and chocolate flavors.

The extra attention to detail on the part of the Varda Chocolatier will ensure that you’ll be giving your guests not only a superior product, but an unusually wonderful dining experience. 

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