Chocolate Teaspoon

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As important as delicious flavors are, nothing really wows a crowd like a first impression, and these chocolate teaspoons are the perfect blend of common sense and creativity to keep your guests talking long after their last cup of coffee.

The uses for these delicate little spoons are endless. You could use them for something as simple as coffee service. Pile a few sugar cubes on the end of each and serve them with delicious espresso drinks. Or pipe dollops of delicious mousses and crèmes into the bowl of the spoon; this way your guests can enjoy the tasty little payload at one end and continue to snack on the chocolate handle at their leisure. Theses spoons also make a delightful and practical garnish on top of any plated dessert.

The extra attention to detail on the part of the Varda Chocolatier will ensure that you’ll be giving your guests not only a superior product, but an unusually wonderful dining experience. 

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