Chocolate Snowman

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No matter what holiday you find your self celebrating this winter, there will be no doubting the ever present entity that is Jack Frost. Unappealing as he may sound, without him we wouldn’t have ever gotten to know one everyone’s favorite characters; the jolly old snowman. Every winter after it snows, children wrap their hopes and dreams up in a lumpy white package and call it magic. This, all be it smaller, but just as stunning statuette will hopefully help to bring some of that magic in doors and right onto your dining room table. This snowman is made mostly of white chocolate with cocoa butter colored details. The artists at Varda pride themselves on creating all natural, preservative free products, which means this snowman is as delicious as he is beautiful. “Trinket Chocolate’ often gets a bad reputation, but these pieces are made with high quality chocolate, the same quality you would find in bars or squares meant solely for enjoyment.
Whether you find a home for him at the center of your holiday dining table, or let him mingle with the other packages strewn beneath your tree, he’ll fit in just fine. Although it may break your heart to inevitably break this guy open on Christmas morning, whatever struggle you have to overcome, you’ll know it was all worth it when you take your first bite.  

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