Chocolate Resting Swan

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Chefs frequently find themselves in a situation where their style of presentation is just as, if not more important then the actual food they are presenting. Whether you are hoping to create an elegant plated dessert or a beautiful parting gift after an exciting celebration, these stunning chocolate swans are the perfect thing.

These swans have been made of flawless white chocolate, molded to resemble a swan with its head bent into a resting position. The body of the swan is hollowed out and serves as the perfect vessel for a variety of fillings. If you are using your swans as an element in a plated dessert, fill it with mousses or crèmes. For an elegant party favor, stuff the cavity of these birds with a variety of traditional candies like sugared almonds or small chocolates.

The extra attention to detail on the part of the Varda Chocolatier will ensure that you’ll be giving your guests not only a superior product, but an unusually wonderful experience that they won’t soon forget. 

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