Soft Pretzel Making Kit by Leeners

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Even those who are well versed in the art of bread baking may be daunted by or unfamiliar with the process of pretzel making. It is certainly an involved process but each detail is necessary to create the perfect finished product; the doughy center, the mildly sour flavor, the smooth but soft shell and the huge grains of salt that cling tightly to the skin. The wonderful people at Leeners are dedicated to bringing new processes into your home and making them as easy as possible to carry out without a culinary degree. This kit contains all of the dry ingredients you will be needing to make a variety of soft pretzels as well as several recipes that offer different combinations of wet ingredients that will create new and exciting flavors. The Beer pretzel, The Twisted Mary and The Apple Breakfast Pretzel are all tried and true classics, sure to put a smile on any face.

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