Sauerkraut and Dill Pickle Recipe Kit by Leeners

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The process of pickling has been around for almost as long as the process of eating. Originally used as a method of preserving fresh vegetables, it makes sense that it would have died out with the modernization of food storage. However, the delicious flavor that pickling imparts is something that cannot be left in the past. A pickling liquid is a startling combination of salty, sweet and a little spicy at times; a perfect combination in anyones book. The people at Leeners have created a business based on their desire to share do-it-yourself experiences in the kitchen with anyone brave enough to undertake the task. In the case of pickling, the process is easy enough, and the active work is brief. The hardest part is waiting for your cucumber slices or your shredded cabbage to fully transform into something tender, flavorful and sometimes surprising. Play around with the combination of spices that you add to your pickling liquids and see what you can create.

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