Pickle Crock and Brining Kit by Leeners

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The wonderful people at Leeners know how important it is to be armed with the proper equipment, especially when you are undertaking a culinary endeavor in your own home. Being sure to have the right tools will make any task seem easier and go quicker. This crock comes with the kits to make both Sauerkraut and homemade pickles, refills for which are also available from Leeners, but this Pickling crock will last you forever if you treat it right. Experiment over and over again with different pickling liquids, different fruits and vegetables and exciting new spice blends sure to brighten up your creations. Leeners is a unique company dedicated to sharing another side of the culinary world with all of those people who hunger for it. By getting on the other side of the kitchen and becoming your own purveyor, you can take a new sort of pride in your creations, making something that is truly your own.

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